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Reducing Curbside Littering in NYC: Policy Memo to Mayor Bill DeBlasio

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___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TO: MAYOR BILL DEBLASIO FROM: ROSALIA POLANCO, CONCERNED SOPHMORE, ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES MAJOR SUBJECT: REDUCING CURBSIDE LITTERING IN NYC DATE: APRIL 11, 2016 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   New York City generates 14 million tons of waste annually, costing over $300 million for residential waste alone.[1] The litter that results from the daily journeys of New Yorkers is […]

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Mining in the Adirondacks: A Stakeholder Analysis

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Stakeholder Analysis of NY Constitution Amendment Favoring Adirondack Mining by NYCO Minerals When a mining company decides it wants to gain state-reserved land for profit-making purposes, it is important to analyze what exactly is at stake. The consequences of such mining could seem beneficial to some, but are they as beneficial on a larger, more […]

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The 11th Hour: Narratives of Persuasion

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Narrative Analysis of The 11th Hour             The 11th Hour is a 2007 environmental documentary film focused on the current “state of the earth,” narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio (11th Hour Film). The film touches on everything from ocean stagnation and the political roadblocks preventing change to opportunities for the future. In this paper, I will […]